April 3

Seeking the Facts



SAFE IWG is working to separate fact from fiction

Doug Stewart
Doug Stewart

In the announcement issued today via e-mail – Doug Stewart, Spokesperson for the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators said: “As most of you are probably aware, there is a great deal of confusion regarding the status of the Master Instructor program. Allegations from both sides of the issue accuse the other party of wrong doing. For the vast majority of us, we really don’t know who to believe. Unfortunately most of the allegations will only be settled in a court of law.

In the meantime, the SAFE IWG is working to separate fact from fiction. One thing that can definitely be determined is the status of the Letter of Agreement, between the FAA and NAFI, which establishes flight instructor renewal concurrent with Master Instructor accreditation. We are contacting AFS 800 to find out the actual status of that letter.

In the meantime, we ask that you control your emotions. We are all very passionate as well as self-righteous. We ask that you view the recent events and statements with an objective eye, and that you trust the leadership of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators to seek out the truth of these issues. As I stated several months ago: when one inadvertently flies into a thunderstorm, one need to pull back the power, slow to Va, keep the wings level, and don’t turn back, confident that you will come out the other side intact. We have entered a thunderstorm, and we should heed that same advice. We will come out the other side wiser than when we entered.”

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