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Transition Training: Stepping up or down to larger or smaller aircraft

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About this course

Flying one make and model of aircraft puts you in your ‘comfort zone," but now you're ready for something different.  Putting time into planning can make the transition better.   

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Course Structure

Defining “Transition Training”

Wanting to go faster, farther or higher.

Stepping Up

PIC responsibilities in a new aircraft.

Or Stepping Down

Don't get caught off guard.

My Own Recent Experience

What to do if it's been a while.

How to Approach “Transition Training?”

Get in touch with your CFI and discuss it.

More Capable Aircraft, New Challenges

Spend time learning to use the avionics.

Performance and the POH

Familiarize yourself with the POH.

Taking Proper Care of your Turbo-Charged Engine

You can't treat your turbo like a normally aspirated engine.

Climb and Descent Profiles

Pay close attention to engine temperatures.

Configuration Changes

Take it slow when you are in a new plane, especially on approach.

Insurance Considerations

FAA vs. Insurance requirements.

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