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The VFR Sectional Chart's Hidden Value

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There’s more to teaching the chart than the obvious . . .

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Why Do We Need to Know This Stuff?

As instructors we patiently explain that the primary reason is safety. The chart is an important tool to use in flight planning for several reasons.

What The Chart Tells us

In addition to the obvious information on airspace, terrain, roads, rivers, and airways, the chart has invaluable – but more subtle - information that can be “lifted” if you take the time to understand it.

You Do Know the Minimums for VFR, Don’t You?

Don’t become a statistic. Even when operating IFR you must be looking outside if you are not “in the clouds”. Both VFR and IFR pilots have the responsibility to “see and avoid” when operating in VMC.

The “WHY” of Airspace Classes

Understanding why the five classes of controlled airspace exist makes learning and understanding the information easier. So, let’s look into the purpose of airspace in a little more detail.

Supplementing Ground School

A typical ground school could be six weeks up to one college semester. This relatively short period limits the amount of knowledge that a student will absorb.

The Chart and the Flight Review

The FAA mandated Flight Review is the perfect opportunity to review, enlighten, and/or enhance, a pilot’s knowledge of airspace and charts.

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