January 27

FAA Anticipates New Flight Instructor-Instrument PTS



In a communication received today from Mr. Robert Dippi, ASI in AFS 630, SAFE Chairman Doug Stewart learned that a new Flight Instructor-Instrument Practical Test Standard has been completed and is awaiting approval from Washington, D.C. headquarters policy devisions. Mr. Dippi said, “I expect it will be available to the public within 60 to 90 days” but cautioned “that the time line for publication is just my best estimate.”

SAFE was happy to see the recent release of the new Instrument Practical Test Standards. “This new PTS fills a pre-existing void in testing applicants for the instrument rating. It provides guidance not only for testing in the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) that we are finding with increasing prevalence within the GA fleet, but now also provides a matrix with which examiners can objectively quantify SRM skills. It further mandates the incorporation of scenarios within the framework of the practical test”, said Stewart.

Stewart continued, “But we were dismayed that the Flight Instructor-Instrument Practical Test Standards were not updated concurrently with the Instrument PTS. Failing to do that would create obvious gaps between the training that new instrument instructors might receive and the instruction that they will have to provide under the new Instrument PTS.” Consequently, Stewart contacted Mr. Dippi on behalf of SAFE to find out if plans were in place for a new CFI-I PTS.

“It is encouraging to know that  AFS 630 is in the process of making the necessary changes to the Flight Instructor – Instrument PTS so that it reflects the standards to which all instrument instructors are required to teach,” said Stewart.

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Rich Stowell (Lifetime Member)

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