CFI Topics

Teaching So It Sinks In

Lesson 3

How can we teach this material so it sinks in? When I’m instructing I start by SHOWING the student the difference between required and optional equipment. This is easily done by going to a vintage Cub or Champ and letting the student look inside, or maybe sit in it if you know the owner. What the student sees, those few instruments and the safety belts, is the required equipment. All of the other things in the trainer they fly are optional. The student is usually amazed at the simplicity of a Cub or Champ, and they remember. While the student is looking at those required items I explain that the FAA doesn’t give the pilot a choice in this matter; required equipment has to be working if the plane is to be flown. If it doesn’t work it must be repaired before the plane can leave the ground. The only exception is if a ferry permit is obtained from the FSDO, which would allow the plane to be flown to another location where repairs can be made.

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