CFI Topics


Lesson 7

One universal truth to consider for stall/spin occurrences is that for a stall to progress into a spin two things must be operating. 1.) The wing has to be stalled, and 2.) The airplane has be yawing. One without the other will not yield a spin. Therefore it is important to keep the rudder centered when demonstrating a stall, and in-flight never compound an excess bank or pitch angle with excess yaw! It is important for all pilots that they observe complete and total awareness of the pitch attitude during any phase of flight to prevent stalls and keep a ‘centered ball’ to prevent a stall progressing into a spin. A stall is easy to recover from: Change the pitch (reduce the back pressure) to down and increase thrust (add power) then level off. A spin recovery requires specific training, altitude, alertness and a calm mind – a whole different ballgame.

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