Human Factors

Memory Retrieval

Lesson 5

The brain part located right behind the forehead called the Anterior Prefrontal Cortex (APC) is charged with the ability to juggle between previous experiences, current data from the six senses and potential threats.

The brain, assimilating all that, has to run a risk-reward scenario on each previous experience and the current situation to achieve the best-case solution. These computations that occur at a million bits per second barely take a few seconds to reach a conclusion. The back and forth between the APC is like a single lane highway but with speeds more like those on the Autobahn.

A pilot in the throes of an instrument failure has to make decisions based on the information available and then decide which instrument is telling the truth and which has given up the ghost. And then, after weeding out the bad apple, he has to keep the aircraft under control, control his nerves and recall from past simulated exercises the best course of action to get his or her passengers on the ground in one piece.

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