Human Factors

Learning and the exploration

Lesson 3

Learning and the exploration of the process of flight: Although a majority of people think that learning is only relegated to when one is receiving instructions from a CFI during their primary training. There can be nothing further from the truth. In fact my Designated Examiner for the Instrument rating made a comment that has stuck with me, he said; “This certificate is just the beginning of your lessons.”

At the time I did not comprehend the significance of his statement, but now more and more I realize the importance of those words. Every time you takeoff you have begun a journey. If your preflight is just a light-the-fire-and-kick-the-tire affair then a day-of-reckoning is coming. A thorough pre-flight is a must for safety and not doing one can teach you a harsh lesson if you survive to remember it. So a good and properly learned behavior will get you to be an-old-pilot

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