Pilot Topics

Defining “Transition Training”

Lesson 1

You have been flying one make and model of aircraft for some time now, and you are comfortable with it. You know your machine, and what it will do. When you fly it, you are in your ‘comfort zone’.

Defining ‘Transition Training’
At some point most pilots get the itch to go faster, farther, higher or carry more, whether their flying is for business or pleasure. When you move from one aircraft to another, this is referred to as transitioning, and the required training is simply called ‘transition training’. Depending on your experience level; i.e., flight time, hours/recent experience, ratings and certificates, and the aircraft that you are interested in transitioning to, insurance companies will have more to say about ‘stepping up’ than the FAA. They will probably demand more training time, as well as perhaps a training facility offering what is called ‘type-specific’ training, for more sophisticated aircraft. They might also demand an FTD (Flight Training Device) first, followed by training in the airplane. This would also have to be from a ‘qualified’ CFI, who has the desired experience level in a given make and model of aircraft. Get in touch with your aircraft insurance agent to see what training the insurance will require. I will address this in more depth later in the article.

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