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Lesson 5

Back to our theoretical checkride. Now we get to the thing that really upsets me. We are finished with the oral and we go out to the plane to get ready for the flight portion. Preflight completed, we climb in and start the engine. The clock doesn’t work, and it’s not placarded INOP. What were we just talking about inside? The airplane isn’t airworthy. Just because the clock has never worked since the student began his lessons doesn’t make it OK. So we stop what we’re doing and placard the clock INOP. While taxiing out, I see that the turn coordinator doesn’t work either, no placard. The FAA has told me not to conduct a test in any aircraft that is not legally airworthy. Now I’m really upset. Maybe we placard the TC; maybe I just refuse the aircraft. In any case, I’m in a bad mood. I have just been shown that the neither the flight school, the instructor, nor the student gives a darn about airworthiness rules. This situation, all too common, is clearly the fault of you, the instructor, not the student. The student will accept whatever you do. If you don’t follow the regulations he will think he doesn’t need to either. Do you want the examiner to be angry with you and your student before the flight even gets off the ground? I didn’t think so. Don’t send unairworthy airplanes out on checkrides.

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